Whoopsy! absorbent granules

Highly Effective Fresh Smelling Absorbent For Messy Pet Waste

Whoopsy! has been specifically designed to aid the unpleasant job of clearing up pet waste.Whoopsy! absorbent granules have been specifically designed to aid the unpleasant job of clearing up pet waste from hard floor surfaces.  Once the granules have been applied to the floor surface they absorb on contact, tackling nasty mishaps and smells straight away.  The applied area can be lightly brushed to ensure that all the mess is completely dealt with, before sweeping it up cleanly. There are no harsh chemicals used and with the granules being soft in nature,  will not scratch or damage hard floor surfaces.

  • Absorbs on contact
  • Masks odours
  • Pleasant added odour neutraliser
  • Binds mess together for easy disposal
  • Pine fresh fragrance
  • Contains a gentle disinfectant and detergent
  • Granular product for simple application
  • Convenient 25 litre container
  • A difficult job made easier

Once Whoopsy! has absorbed the pet mess, it can be brushed over and easily disposed of.  Whoopsy will help to remove wet and solid waste from floor hard floor surfaces, and is particularly useful for use within the animal care industry.

Whoopsy! is manufactured in the UK using environmentally sustainable ingredients.