My name is Smudge and I was found on my own in a hedge next to the Whoopsy! factory when I was only two weeks old.  I was cold and hungry and just wanted my Mum but I was very thankful when a kind person took me home with them and promised to look after me.

I had to be bottle fed until I was six weeks old, then I was allowed to eat real food.

I live with a family in a nice big house with lots of children so I always have someone to play with and lots of room to run around.

I like playing with string and paperbags but my favourite toy is my Monkey! I like picking it up and walking around with it in my mouth.

I am now allowed outside to play, which is great because I like playing on the trampoline, climbing trees, chasing tennis balls and playing with feathers.

Sometimes I also like to sit in the long grass at the bottom of the garden and pretend I am a lion!